The Autonomous Community of Aragón stands out for its varied birdlife, a direct result of the wealth of habitats found here, due to different biogeographic factors such as: relief, climate, soil types, altitude and orientation. The fact that Aragón occupies the main central part of the Ebro valley, from the frontier with France down to the Iberian System means that within a distance of under 100kms we can find a broad range of environments. Thanks to this diversity of habitats, a very low concentration of human population in 90% of the region and a relatively good state of conservation, we can find large numbers of a wide variety of bird species. Records show 370 species, of which more than 200 breed here, while the rest overwinter, migrate or are found as vagrants.

Their origins are also diverse, from typical Euro-Siberian birds to Mediterranean and Indo-African species. Whilst human action has had a big impact on the environment, there are still many large areas with a very good level of conservation.


From peaks more than 3,000m high to mountain ranges that connect to the plains, there are many very interesting birds. A great diversity of types of woodland and the abundance of rocky outcrops and cliffs mean that some species that are considered rare, or even non-existent in the rest of Europe, are here considered common. The best places to visit are the network of protected areas such as the Natural Park of the Western Valleys, The National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, The Natural Park of Posets- Maladeta and the Natural Park of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara.


A network of Steppes and cereal-farming land, with a few modest mountain ranges and scattered with wetlands of differing types, there are some outstanding species of birds, some of which are rare in Spain and unique in Europe.

Irrigation areas and wetlands of Cinco Villas, the hills of Zuera, the groves and oxbows of the Ebro, the Sotonera reservoir, the wetlands of Bajo Cinca, the Gallocanta Lagoon, the Monegros, the Belchite steppes, the high moorland of Teruel…


A series of mountain ranges from middling height to the Mediterranean, with a very low concentration of human population. Peaks and high moorland at more than 1000m above sea level, endorheic lagoons, coniferous and oak woodlands and an abundance of river cliffs.

Natural Park of Moncayo, Natural Reserve of the Gallocanta Lagoon, ranges of Bajo Aragón, Maestrazgo, Gudár, Javalambre and Albarracín.