Pin-Tailed And Black-Bellied Sandgrouse

Ebro depression / Signature birds

Two related species with similar habits, adapted to live in open spaces of natural vegetation and traditional farming, capable of surviving extreme temperatures in both winter and summer. Long pointed wings that allow for fast and powerful flight. They feed on seeds and shoots that they find by rooting around on the ground.

They nest at the height of summer, so the adults need permanent access to watering holes where they soak their chest feathers to take water back to the chicks. The Black-bellied Sandgrouse has a grey back with large yellow spots on the male and more discreet colouring on the female. They have a large black mark on the belly. The Pin-tailed Sandgrouse has brownish upper parts with clear and green spots, orange chest with black stripes and a pure white belly. Very garrulous and gregarious, they have  unmistakeable flight calls which makes locating them easy. Catalogued as “Vulnerable”, the principal threat is the destruction of their “grazing” areas.